You know it rains a lot in Seattle! Flood damage can be caused by leaky roofs or backed up drainage fields. When flooding and water damage occur, the worst possible thing you can do is wait! As soon as you notice any kind of flood damage, call someone! Water damage or water left sitting can cause serious damage to any structure or valuables that have gotten wet.

guy sitting on chair in flood damaged house in SeattleWe offer emergency water and flood damage services to homes and businesses 24 hours-a-day, 365 day a year, even on holidays! We know that flood and water damage can happen at any time in the Pacific Northwest and are ready and willing to deal with the problems immediately.

Handling water damage, flood cleanup, water removal, drying of carpets and wood floors, walls, basements and crawl spaces are performs with the highest standards. Call us for immediate assistance at (206) 745-4750

Flood Damage Services We Offer

24 hr Emergency Response
Complete Damage Assessment of the Property
Water Removal
Sewage Cleanup
Crawl Space Cleanup/Drying
Odor Removal
Drying of Structure, Walls, Floors, Ceiling

Be sure to check with your insurance provider. If your insurance does not cover flood damage or if you do not have flood insurance, then we will need 50% up-front before any work is started. We will give you a quote for repair cost so that you know what it will cost.

Don’t just sit there, call us today! We are here to help save your homes, office or commercial building from any flood damage or water damage.